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Shipping Details

If you have already made the payment, changing the shipping address is not possible. You can only modify the shipping address if the payment has not been made yet.


If your shipment tracking number cannot be traced through the chosen courier, there are several possible reasons for this. Here are some potential causes:

  1. The logistics provider used by the seller is different from the one you selected during the transaction.

If you have checked the above factors and are still encountering issues, please contact customer care via email at info@gizmostorebali.com or call the WhatsApp number: +62


  1. Purchase with Regular Shipping Method: Choosing the regular shipping method means your order will be delivered using available courier services, namely JNE and J&T.

  2. Purchase with Express Shipping Method: Opting for the express shipping method means your order will be delivered using the Go-send express delivery service.

  3. Purchase with In-Store Pickup at Planet Gadget Offline Store: This method involves picking up your purchased items from the Planet Gadget commerce offline store after completing your shopping.

Yes, there is. The shipment of goods will be processed based on the cutoff time for incoming orders. Here are the details: Order processing cutoff time:

Monday-Sunday, from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (WIB - Western Indonesia Time) Express delivery cutoff time: 12:00 PM (WIB) Regular delivery cutoff time: 01:00 PM (WIB) National Holidays