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VIVAN VQC100 Fast Charging for Type C

Voltage: 10V(MAX)
Current: 6.5A(MAX)
Outer: white environmental protection TPE
Outer cover: gray environmental protection TPE
Length: 1M
Interface: Type-C

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Elevate your charging experience with Vivan VQC100 Data Cable 65W. Designed for efficiency, durability, and compatibility, it’s the ideal choice for those who demand the best.

  1. Maximum Current of 6.5A: Unleash the power with an impressive 6.5A maximum current, ensuring your devices charge swiftly and efficiently.
  2. High Power 65W: Harness a high power delivery of 65W, providing your gadgets with the energy they need at a remarkable pace.
  3. Robust Core Wiring: The cable’s thick core wiring guarantees stability and rapid power delivery, making it the perfect companion for your charging needs.
  4. Smart Chip Technology: Equipped with the latest Smart Chip technology, your smartphone is safeguarded during the charging process, ensuring longevity and protection.
  5. Every Joint Matters: Crafted with special rubber material at each cable joint, it’s built for daily use, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring durability.
  6. Flexible and Strong Body: The cable’s body, made of TPE Flexible material, enhances its strength, making it resistant to tangling and wear and tear.
  7. Easy Storage: With a built-in velcro strap, storage becomes effortless, allowing you to keep your cable tidy and ready for action.
  8. Wide Compatibility: Enjoy fast charging compatibility with various models, including Huawei (FCP), VIVO (VOOC), and smartphones featuring Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Note: Requires use with a compatible fast charging adapter.

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