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Ulanzi ST-20 Tablet Camp

Features :
-Wide compatibility
-Stable mounting
-Adjustable angle
-Cold shoe mounts

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Hello from Gizmo Gadget Store, your gateway to cutting-edge tech.

The Ulanzi ST-20 Tablet Clamp is a universal tablet holder that can be used with any tablet between 125mm and 226mm wide. It features a 1/4″ standard tripod connector, allowing it to be mounted on any tripod or other camera support.

The ST-20 boasts several features that make it ideal for tablet use, including:

  • Wide compatibility: It can accommodate any tablet between 125mm and 226mm wide, including the iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Stable mounting: The ST-20 maintains a strong and secure grip on tablets, even when they are mounted on a tripod.
  • Adjustable angle: The ST-20 can be adjusted to any angle between 0 and 180 degrees, enabling you to find the perfect viewing position for your tablet.
  • Cold shoe mounts: The ST-20 incorporates two cold shoe mounts, facilitating the attachment of accessories such as microphones and LED lights to your tablet.

The ST-20 is a fantastic choice for individuals seeking to utilize their tablet for photography, videography, or other creative content creation. It is also well-suited for educational settings, including classrooms and lecture halls.

Here are some of the ways the Ulanzi ST-20 Tablet Clamp can be used:

  • Photography: The ST-20 can be employed to mount a tablet on a tripod, allowing you to use it as a remote viewfinder or to control your camera with a mobile app.
  • Videography: The ST-20 can be used to mount a tablet on a tripod or other camera support, serving as an external monitor for your camera or enabling direct video recording to the tablet.
  • Content creation: The ST-20 is versatile for creating content such as YouTube videos, live streams, and tutorials by mounting a tablet on a tripod or other camera support.
  • Education: The ST-20 can be utilized to mount a tablet in a classroom or lecture hall, providing students with a larger screen for viewing presentations and other materials.

The Ulanzi ST-20 Tablet Clamp is an affordable and versatile accessory for mounting a tablet on a tripod or other camera support. It is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their tablet’s utility in photography, videography, content creation, or education.

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