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ROBOT RGC100 Type C Fast Charging

Spesification :
-Brand : ROBOT
-Model : RGC100
-Interface : USB TO TYPE-C
-Color : White , Green Army , Blue , Tosca , Pink
-Wire material : bare copper wire + copper foil wire
-Outer mold : environmentally friendly PVC
-Cover : Environmental protection PVC
-Current : 2.4A
-USB plugging times : 10000 times+
-Type-C plug times : 10000 times+
-Salt spray test : 24H
-Bending test : 4000 times+
-High and low temperature storage : minus 20 plus 70 degrees
-Length : 1 meter

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Hello Tech Enthusiast! Step into Gizmo Gadget Store, your haven for the latest and coolest gadgets.

Introducing the RGC100 Fast Charging 2.4A USB Type C Data Cable – Elevate Your Charging Experience!

Product Highlights:

Unleash the Power of ROBOT TYPE-C Data Cable with 2.4A Fast Charging:

  1. Fashionable Selection: Elevate your style with five vibrant color options, ensuring your cable matches your personality and preferences.
  2. Exceptional Wiring: Experience the superiority of oxygen-free pure copper core wire adorned with a protective shielding coating, ensuring faster and more efficient charging.
  3. Dual-Purpose Elegance: Seamlessly combine charging and data transmission in one elegant solution, streamlining your daily tech needs.
  4. Reinforced for Durability: The SR Cable joints are engineered for robustness, ensuring that your cable remains unbroken and functional through extended use.
  5. Tangle-Free Design: Featuring a Gear Body, our cable resists coiling and pulls, offering convenience and longevity in one package.
  6. Universal Compatibility: The RGC100 Data Cable caters to a wide spectrum of devices with TYPE-C interfaces, ensuring seamless integration with your tech arsenal.

Experience the future of charging with the RGC100 Fast Charging 2.4A USB Type C Data Cable. Elevate your style, enhance your efficiency, and embrace the convenience of modern technology. Choose the RGC100 for the ultimate charging experience!

Your tech exploration at Gizmo Gadget Store has been a pleasure. Wishing you many memorable moments with your new gadget. See you soon!


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