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Robot Card Reader USB 3.0 To Type-C OTG 2in1 Memory Card Adaptor

Spesification :
Connector: USB-A & USB-C
Card slot: SD*1, TF*1
Transmission rate: : Data transfer rates up to 5Gbps
Size : 78.6*21.5*12.1mm
Weight : 12g

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Welcome to Gizmo Gadget Store, Your Tech Wonderland! We’re delighted to have you here. Discover a world of smart devices and cutting-edge technology.

Introducing the Robot Card Reader – Your Ultimate 2-in-1 Solution for Micro SD & SD Cards, with Type C + USB 3.0 OTG Functionality!

With its intuitive design, lightning-fast data transfer, and universal compatibility, it’s the ideal solution for tech-savvy individuals looking for a seamless and efficient card reading experience. Say hello to the future of data management with style and ease.

Advantages and Features:

  1. Dual Card Slot Design: Enjoy the flexibility of dual SD/TF card slots, allowing you to read SD and TF cards independently, catering to your specific needs.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Our card reader seamlessly bridges the gap between mobile phones and computers, making it the perfect companion for all your devices.
  3. Lightning-Fast Data Transfer: Witness blazing speeds as you transfer 1GB of data in just 10 seconds, ensuring swift and efficient data management.
  4. Multi-Interface Support: With USB-A and USB-C interfaces, our card reader effortlessly connects to computers, mobile phones, tablets, and more, enhancing its versatility.
  5. Driver-Free Operation: Say goodbye to complicated installations – our card reader is plug-and-play, offering compatibility with a variety of systems, including Windows, Mac, OS, Linux, and more.

As you leave Gizmo Gadget Store, take the excitement of innovation with you.


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