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Portable Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ROBOT KM3000

Spesification :
1. Keyboard

– number of keys : 79pcs
– size : 289*140*26.5mm
– keyboard weight : 339.0g+2.0g
– key life of keyboard : over 5.000.000 times
– range : up to 20m

2. Mouse
– number of keys : 3pcs
– size : 113*64*32mm
– mouse weight : 62.0g+2.0g
– DPI : 1600DPI
– key life of mouse : over 3.000.000 times

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At Gizmo Gadget Store, we’re all about turning your tech dreams into reality. What brings you to our store today?

Introducing The Robot KM300 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, your key to seamless and quiet computing. Explore the exceptional features that set this bundle apart:

Ultra-Thin Design for Portability: The sleek and slim design ensures easy portability, making it a perfect fit for your laptop bag.

Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy a stable wireless connection that stretches up to 20 meters, providing you with the freedom to work without constraints.

Silent Typing and Clicking: The keyboard and mouse are designed for quiet operation, reducing noise levels by 95%, ensuring a disturbance-free environment for those around you.

Ergonomically Designed Mouse: The mouse’s ergonomic arch shape conforms comfortably to your hand, offering a pleasant and secure grip.

Efficient Chocolate Keycaps: The chocolate-style keycaps are both convenient and portable, enhancing your typing experience.

High Sensitivity for Extended Battery Life: The keyboard and mouse feature a 100DPI high-sensitivity sensor, coupled with a power-saving IC battery. This combination ensures your battery lasts up to an impressive 12 months.

One Receiver for Easy Setup: Both the keyboard and mouse use a single receiver, simplifying the setup process for your convenience.

Universal Compatibility: This bundle is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac OSX, and Android smartphones (when using an OTG adapter). It’s designed to adapt to your multi-device lifestyle.

The Robot KM300 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle is your gateway to a quieter, efficient, and versatile computing experience. It combines style, functionality, and compatibility for all your devices.

Benefits of the Robot KM300 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle:

  • Ultimate Portability with Thin Design
  • Reliable Wireless Connectivity
  • Reduced Noise Levels for Quiet Work
  • Ergonomic Mouse Design for Comfort
  • Convenient Chocolate Keycaps
  • Extended Battery Life with High Sensitivity
  • Simplified Setup with a Single Receiver
  • Compatibility with Various Operating Systems

Elevate your computing experience with the Robot KM300 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to efficient and quiet productivity.

Thank you for choosing Gizmo Gadget Store. We appreciate your visit and look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a fantastic day!


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