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MCdodo CH-1542 Mini Fast Charger Set

Type C to C cable 2 METERS
Material : Fireproof PC
Output : USB-C1 + USB-C2 : 45w + 18w (63w Max.)
Output : USB-C1 + USB-A : 45w + 18w (63w Max.)
Output : USB-C2+USB-A : 5V3A (15w Max.)
Output : USB-C1+(USB-C2+USB-A) : 45w+15w (60w Max.)

In The Box
1 x Charger 65W GaN5 PRO CH-1542

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Hey there, tech enthusiast! Welcome to Gizmo Gadget Store. How can we provide you with exceptional service today?

Introducing The Original MCDODO CH-1542 GaN5 PRO 65 Watt Mini Charger with Dual Output USB-C PD and Single Output USB-A Fast Charger, accompanied by the QC PLUS Kabel Type C to C (2-meter cable).

Key Features:

65W Triple Port Fast Charger:
Experience the next level of charging efficiency with our more compact and mini-sized charger. Powered by the cutting-edge PI Chip and GaN5.0 technology, this charger offers a stable and safe charging experience while being remarkably efficient.

Charge More Stable:
We’ve optimized the internal structure of our charger with a square design to ensure stability, preventing accidental disconnection. Both USB-C ports (C1 & C2) support a robust 65W output, making it an ideal choice for fast charging your laptops with PD support.

Dynamic Power Distribution:
Our charger dynamically distributes power among its three output ports, independently matching device power requirements. This smart charging approach ensures both safety and efficiency, making it the perfect addition to your workspace.

One Charger for Three Devices:
Simplify your desktop and enhance office efficiency with our charger, which is designed to accommodate up to three devices simultaneously. It’s the perfect solution to declutter your workspace while ensuring all your devices are powered up efficiently.

Low Temperature Fast Charging:
We’ve engineered our charger to efficiently dissipate heat energy even in demanding conditions. This means your charging experience remains cool and efficient, preserving the longevity of your devices.

Our charger is compatible with a range of fast-charging technologies, including Huawei Super Fast Charge, Xiaomi & Redmi Quick Charge, and Samsung Super Fast Charge. This versatile charger is equipped to meet the demands of various devices, ensuring you have all your charging needs covered.

Your satisfaction is our priority here at Gizmo Gadget Store. Thanks for choosing us, and have a great day!!!


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