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MCdodo CA-2870 Type C to C 100W

Elevate your charging and data transfer experience with the MCDODO CA-2870 cable. With its impressive specifications and durable construction, it’s a cable you can rely on for all your power and synchronization needs.

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Hello and a warm welcome to Gizmo Gadget Store, your one-stop shop for all things tech! What can we do for you today?

Introducing The MCDODO CA-2870 Charging Cable: 100W PD Fast Charge, 5A Charging Current, Nylon Braided, 3 Meters.

Key Features:

Lightning-Fast PD Charging: With a maximum current of 5A, this cable supports blazing-fast PD charging up to 100W. It’s your go-to solution for rapid power delivery.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Type-C devices, ensuring that your charging needs are met efficiently.

Durable Nylon Braided Cable: Designed for long-lasting use, the cable features a robust nylon braided exterior, ensuring it can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Efficient Data Transfer: Operating at the USB 2.0 data transfer standard, it’s not just for charging – this cable also facilitates quick and reliable data transfer.

Charging and Power Synchronization: Whether you’re powering up your device or syncing data, this cable handles both tasks seamlessly, ensuring your devices are always ready to go.


Length: 3 meters (9.8 ft) – Enjoy the freedom to charge your device from a comfortable distance.

Connector Type : Type-C to Type-C – Versatile and compatible with a wide array of devices.

Material: Crafted with an aluminum alloy and nylon construction, this cable is built to withstand daily use and provide exceptional durability.

Current : Capable of handling a maximum current of 5A, making it the ideal choice for high-power charging needs.

Package Contents: Included in the package is 1 MCDODO CA-2870 cable, a 3-meter-long USB-C to USB-C cable capable of delivering a powerful 100W charge.

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