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Mcdodo 90 degrees Charging Cable USB to Lightning Cable CA-4673

Spesification :
90 Degree Gaming Cable
Compatible to Lightning / iPhone devices
2.1A output
Fast charging
Has indicator LED
Serves as Charging & data transmission
1.8 meter cable length
Material TPE + nylon

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Hello Tech Enthusiast! Gizmo Gadget Store extends a warm welcome. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge devices designed to inspire and innovate. Start your tech journey with us!

Introducing the Mcdodo CA-4673 Bottom Series: Your Ultimate 90-Degree USB to Lightning Gaming Cable in Sleek Black – Offering 1.8 Meters of Enhanced Convenience!

Key Specifications and Exceptional Features:

  • 90-Degree Gaming Cable: Designed for gaming enthusiasts, this cable features a convenient 90-degree angle, perfect for Lightning and iPhone devices.
  • High-Powered Output: With an impressive 2.1A output, this cable ensures fast charging, meeting your device’s power needs efficiently.
  • Indicator LED: Stay informed with the handy LED indicator, which illuminates your connection status and charging activity.
  • Dual Functionality: It serves both as a charging cable and a data transmission tool, streamlining your device management.
  • Ample Length: At 1.8 meters in length, you have the freedom to use your smartphone comfortably while charging, without the constraints of proximity.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from a combination of TPE and durable nylon, this cable boasts elegance and durability, with the added assurance of longevity.

Embrace Efficiency and Elegance:

  • Charging & Sync Cable: This versatile cable facilitates both smartphone battery charging and seamless data transfer, providing a well-rounded solution.
  • Top-Quality Build: The cable’s thick braided nylon material not only adds an elegant touch but also ensures durability and reliability.

Universal Compatibility:

  • The Mcdodo CA-4673 is compatible with a wide range of devices that feature the Lightning port, making it a versatile choice for all your charging and data transfer needs.

Elevate your charging and data transfer experience with the Mcdodo CA-4673 Bottom Series Gaming Cable. It’s more than just a cable; it’s a sleek and efficient solution for your daily device management, exuding elegance and performance. Upgrade your charging game today!

Your tech exploration at Gizmo Gadget Store has been a pleasure.


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