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Magsafe Silicone Case Iphone 13/14 Pro, Max, Plus

Elevate your iPhone 13 / 14’s protection and style quotient with the Silicone Case with MagSafe. It’s not just a case; it’s a fashion-forward statement and a robust guardian for your device. Make it your choice for the ultimate iPhone experience.
What’s Included:
1 x iPhone 13 / 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe Feature

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Introducing The Silicone Case MagSafe for Apple iPhone 13 / 14 Series:

Designed for Style and Protection

Elevate your iPhone 13 / 14 experience with the Silicone Case featuring MagSafe. This case is more than just protection; it’s a fashion statement for your device.

Key Features:

1. Sensational Silicone Feel: The soft, smooth silicone exterior not only provides a secure grip but also feels delightful in your hand. It’s the perfect blend of style and comfort.

2. Enhanced Interior Protection: Inside, a soft microfiber lining adds an extra layer of defense, ensuring your iPhone 13 / 14 stays pristine and scratch-free.

3. Seamless MagSafe Compatibility: With internal magnets that align flawlessly with your iPhone 13 / 14, this case delivers a magical pairing experience. What’s more, it supports faster wireless charging every time. When it’s time to recharge, keep the case on and use your MagSafe charger or place it on your Qi-certified charger.

4. MagSafe Wireless Charger Sold Separately: Please note that the MagSafe wireless charger is sold separately, enhancing your charging convenience further.

5. Rigorously Tested and Approved: Like all Apple-designed cases, this one has undergone rigorous testing throughout the design and production stages. It’s not just a beautiful accessory but a robust shield against scratches and accidental drops.

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