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Anker X Marvel Powerline + II USB C to Mfi 90cm 60watt

Key Features :
-Double-braided nylon exterior for durability
-Withstands up to 30,000 bends
-Supports Power Delivery for fast charging up to 60 watts
-MFi certified for compatibility with Apple devices
-90cm length

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High-Quality Charging: The Anker X Marvel Powerline + II USB C to MFi 90cm 60watt

Durable and Fast-Charging Cable

This cable is your reliable companion for quick and efficient charging. Its compatibility extends to a variety of devices, making it a versatile choice. The double-braided nylon exterior is designed to resist fraying, boasting the ability to endure up to 30,000 bends.

Power Delivery Support

Get your devices powered up in no time! The cable supports Power Delivery, offering fast charging capabilities of up to 60 watts. This means your compatible devices will be ready to go in a flash.

MFi Certified for Apple Devices

Rest assured that this cable is fully compatible with Apple devices. Its MFi certification guarantees a seamless connection to your Apple products.

Key Features:

  • Double-braided nylon exterior for exceptional durability
  • Resistant to fraying and capable of withstanding up to 30,000 bends
  • Supports Power Delivery for fast charging at 60 watts
  • MFi certified, ensuring compatibility with Apple devices
  • Length of 90cm for versatility in usage

In summary, the Anker X Marvel Powerline + II USB C to MFi 90cm 60watt cable is a top-notch and long-lasting choice, perfect for rapidly charging a wide range of devices.

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