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About Us

the GizmoStore

As a retailer that specializes in digital media, storage, and accessories, it is our mission and passion to bring a wide variety of supporting products for your mobile digital lifestyle.

Based in Uluwatu, Bali, our retail stores have been serving the area since 2020.

We are an authorized dealer for some of the biggest name brand digital products such as GoPro, DJI, Insta360, Sandisk, Anker, JBL and many more.

We also carry a range of affordable accessories for your Iphone & Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Our main goal is to continue and provide more selection of good to superior innovative products and services to our customers.

Good Quality Products

Experience unmatched quality with us. Every visit, a promise of no regrets.

Best Service

Where service meets excellence. Experience the best with us.

Fast Response

Swiftly to your door, with security assured